Services and Fees

Compassionate Care

Jessica aims to help families clarify and meet their own infant feeding goals. She provides culturally congruent, inclusive, and flexible care plans. 

Lactation Consultations

Jessica currently offers office and home visits for one-on-one lactation consultations. For more information on what to expect at a home visit, check out the FAQ.


Jessica teaches prenatal breastfeeding classes monthly and runs a breastfeeding support group weekly. Private prenatal classes, as well as bottlefeeding and back-to-work consultations are available.

Due to my effort to practice social distancing as much as possible, I will be offering Telehealth and virtual services ONLY until further notice. As information about the pandemic changes, I will reassess the safety of in-person services.

If your family is facing financial hardship due to the inability to work during this difficult time, please contact me for a possible fee reduction and/or payment plan.


Telehealth Lactation Consultation $150 initial visit/$100 follow-up*

Using a HIPAA-compliant two-way video conferencing platform, stay at home and get personalized expert lactation help. Latch/positioning, low milk supply, pumping, weaning, and more. Most initial consultations last 1.5 hours. Two weeks of follow-up phone calls and emails are included in the fee. Follow-up virtual visits generally last 45min-1hr.

Virtual weekly drop-in Breastfeeding Hang FREE

Using Zoom and open to all breastfeeding community members, this is a great opportunity to get basic breastfeeding information and support. Every Monday from 10am-11am ONLINE. Please email me at for the link to log in.


Telehealth Prenatal consultation or private breastfeeding class $125

For clients with specific concerns or a desire for  one-on-one prenatal breastfeeding instruction.  
1.5-2 hours via a HIPAA-compliant online platform.


ONLINE Prenatal breastfeeding classes (group setting)

Jessica currently teaches online monthly prenatal breastfeeding classes through The Family Room Contact the venue directly to register.


*If you have AETNA health insurance, visit the FAQ page for more information on coverage, as Jessica is an in-network provider offering office visits to plan participants. AETNA is currently covering Telehealth virtual visits.

A copy of Jessica's Notice of Privacy Practices can be found HERE.

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