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Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of breastfeeding problems can you help me with?

A common issue that I address is nipple pain, which can have many causes.  Other problems I help to solve include: difficulty latching-on, supply issues, tongue-tie, plugged ducts/mastitis, back to work transition, pumping concerns, bottle feeding, weaning, and much more.  A brief phone conversation precedes any consultation so that we I assess your needs.

For in-person visits, what safety protocols do you have in place to reduce the risk of Covid19 transmission?

All clients are screened for symptoms of Covid19 prior to any in-person visit. Although I am fully vaccinated against Covid19, I do not work with families in-person if I have any symptoms of illness. My office is located inside of The Family Room San Marino, which is currently holding group classes in separate rooms. All adult patrons of The Family Room are required to wear masks while participating in classes. Once you enter the front door of the space, you will be escorted by me promptly into my private office. My office has a HEPA air purifier running at all times. I wear a medical-grade mask during the entire visit and require my adult clients to also wear a mask during the consultation. I practice stringent hand hygiene before and after the consultation and wear gloves if direct contact with you or your baby is needed. All office surfaces (including vinyl pillows) are cleaned with 90% alcohol spray/wipes after each visit. Please contact me if you have additional questions about my safety protocols.

What is an IBCLC?

An International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) acquires extensive clinical experience for certification, has passed a board exam, and must re-certify every five years.  As the term “lactation consultant” is not legally protected, anyone can use that term to describe themself.  Only with the IBCLC credential are you assured a baseline level of education and experience.  To verify that your lactation consultant is an IBCLC, you can search this directory.


What should I expect during a lactation consultation?

Most consultations last about 1.5 hours and start with taking a full history (general health, pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding experience thus far), and may include observation of breastfeeding, adjustments to positioning and latch as needed, a breast exam, weighing your baby, an oral exam of your baby, observation of pumping, observation of and assistance with alternative feeding methods (bottle, eg), answering questions, etc.


How is your fee determined?

My fee includes phone and email follow-up, research as needed, a doctor’s report, a superbill to submit to insurance if needed, and documentation for your chart, all in addition to the hours I spend with you during the consultation.


Will my insurance cover your services?

Here is a good guide to getting insurance coverage for lactation consultations--your right under the Affordable Care Act.

If you have AETNA:

I am currently contracted as an in-network provider with AETNA insurance. Most AETNA plans cover six lactation visits per calendar year with no out of pocket cost to you. During this time of social distancing, AETNA is covering Telehealth services. If you have an AETNA PPO plan and you have confirmed your lactation benefit, call me directly to book an appointment. If you have an AETNA HMO plan, you must get a referral from your primary care doctor using my NPI number (1083988810) before I can see you.

If you have Blue Cross Blue Shield (PPO) or Cigna (PPO):

Many (not all) Blue Cross Blue Shield and Cigna PPO plans will allow you to see me in-person or virtually with no out-of-pocket costs for up to  6 visits. If this might be an option for you, start by checking your insurance plan's eligibility through The Lactation Network: If you are approved, I will reach out to you directly to set up an appointment.


For all other insurance plans, payment in full (Venmo, cash, check, or credit card) is due at the time of service. I can provide a superbill for you to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement but I cannot guarantee reimbursement amounts as insurance company practices vary widely.  I encourage you to contact your insurance provider directly to find out what the lactation benefits are for your specific plan.


How should I prepare for a consultation?

If at all possible, try to feed the baby 2 hours before your scheduled consultation time. Ideally, we will have some time to discuss your history and breastfeeding goals, weigh the baby (if in-person), etc. before your baby is ready to feed.  I encourage you to bring one supportive adult (husband, partner, relative) with you to your office visit.


Do you offer rental breast pumps?

I do not provide pump rentals at this time.  There are multiple retail locations in Los Angeles where a high-quality pump can be rented if necessary and I can help you locate one.

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